Monday, October 31, 2011

Bella Rustica Design Services


Let me help you get started in $150.00 increments

- identifying your style -

- repurposing what you have -

- creating your budget -

- sticking to your budget -

Identifying a project for you to create because style is in the details and its mean more if you are part of actually creating it
- painting kitchen cabinets - making roman shades or slipcovers - planting a garden - organizing space creatively - thinking outside the box -

Simple ways to organize 

Burlap & linen slip cover for small ottoman

Creative yet simple groupings using nature as accents

Roman shade from burlap (my kitchen)

Pallet plate rack or more thinking outside the box

I will encourage you to 

Getting Started:  5 hours:  2 hours consult and 3 hours hands-on assisting you all at once or as needed.  
Extra:  text message/e-mails/photographs of anything I come across that I think will be of interest to you
Inspirazione:  Before we begin, tear out pictures of everything you like (color/textures/style...)
Requirements:  Be on-time, cheerful, & organized

Extra assistance:  3 hours:  to be determined 

 If you don't love it, we'll start again.